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We represent the  refrigeration sector  industry before the European  and local Government, government and other authorities.

Promote the relationship between the Association and the several ministries of Enviroment,Agriculture,Economy, Sanitary,Educaion and Labor collaborating with them to update the  legislation affecting the sector’s activities and look after for the implementation of any changes.

Support the  preparation of studies related to the refrigeration industry and define its position concerning new standards regarding legislation and administrative actions, whisch can have an impact on the activities of the sector.

We promote and support  activities involved in research, development, innovation, enviroment, employment, foreign trade, corporate social responsibility or any other matters of  interest for the refrigeration business field.

We encourage the development of technology,  improvement of  quqlity, safety and energy efficiency of products and services supply by our  member companies and trying to influence people to make use of  these adventages.

Carry out communication and difusion of the sector and our  members.

We ask for subventions from the government related to the purposes of the Association.

Participate in the promote Fairs and Exhibitions.

Participate on behalf of the members of the association, by collective agreements and labor disputes.

Offer to our members legal advice concerning questions like economic, fiscal and technical information and documentation on topics of general interest and specific needs.

We fight against the intrusion.

We encourage vocational and technical training in enterprises, both employers and employees on all matters which are necessary for the exercise of their business, particularly in technology-related questions

We publish journals and arrange workshops, conferences, seminars .

Promote collaboration agreements between our members and other entities offering services of interest  (insurance, financial, information technology, telematics, credit, etc.)..

Encourage cohesion, collaboration and contact between the Partners on issues of interest to the sector, in the full respect for the rules of competition and seek maximum participation through Subsectoral Groups and Committees work.

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